Monday, December 7, 2009

Please help in building the Music Library

I am looking for your help with the Music Library.

Do you have some scores that you have downloaded from another site? If we don't have it here yet, could you upload it?

I have made things ultra-easy so that anyone can contribute in a matter of a minute or two. Check out the explanation of how it works on the uploads page (second item on the "Navigation" menu) . . .
or, you can go HERE

Your contributions will make this site even better! Thanks for your continued support.


Thursday, October 8, 2009

Something more personal

One of our members was asking me what my favourite pieces are and have I ever shared my music online.

Well, many of my favourite pieces are here online. I tend toward 19th and 20th century music. Compositionally, I prefer small ensembles. I like to hear inner voicings and like to use interplay of complimentary solo instruments. Flute and clarinet are a particular favourite, but one can never get away from the classic string quartet or brass choir. The latter is one of my "heart-throbs". ;) In recent years I have become more and more infatuated with the human voice.

An early recording I made (complete with background noise) is what I will share with you. The tempo is entirely unconventional, but at the time it was as if the music was an elexir that made me totally drunk with its pleasure... like making love to the piano keys...

If you want to hear it, here it is:

Erik Satie: Gnoissienne No.1

Monday, October 5, 2009

Mercedes Sosa (1935 - 2009)

The death of legendary Argentine singer and activist Mercedes Sosa has created a void that will be hard if not impossible to fill.

Long appreciated for her interpretation of Argentine and Cuban folk music, I first was introduced to her through her 1999 CD "Missa Criolla" with an astounding performance of Ariele Ramirez' timeless music. Her 'alto' voice was especially haunting and evoked the essence of the Argentine soul. Her body of music, which spans 50 years, will always be a cornerstone in 20th Century music.

She will be sadly missed and fondly remembered.

For more information about Mercedes Sosa, there is a hastily prepared article at Wikipedia. Here is a sample of her music for those who have not yet had the pleasure . . .

Ariele Ramirez: Missa Criolla (Creole Mass) - Agnus Dei
Performed by: Mercedes Sosa (1999)

Saturday, September 19, 2009

It's all in the technique

Here's a remarkable video I downloaded from

You can view it here

Friday, September 18, 2009

Midi has come of age

I find that when I talk to people about this site and my music there are many misconceptions. For one thing, 'What's the point of sheet music? How can you play it?' Another one is, 'Classical music? Who cares about that any more?'

Others who are a bit more in tune tell me that they know about Midi. 'That's the electronic music thing, isn't it? It sounds so aweful!'

While early synthesized instruments, especially the FM sounds, left a lot to be desired ... and a lot to the imagination ;) ... few people realize that when they hear music in television ads or in movies, they are usually listening to Midi. High quality software and sampled instruments have made Midi fully mainstream.

The software available today allows anyone with a fairly recent computer to layer many sounds over one another to create a full symphony orchestra. The sampled instrument libraries have made Midi virtually indistinguishable from the real thing, at least in relatively knowledgeable hands.

What are Sampled Instruments? Essentially, a sound designer takes a musician into a studio or concert stage and records the musician playing individual notes and articulations. Then he goes into his engineering studio and makes individual files of each of the notes, tweaking them as he goes to get the best quality and expression. Thousands of hours are spent getting it just right, so that when the Midi musician in his professional or home studio chooses an instrument's expression group and pays attention to the fine details of phrasing, it is like the original musician is playing the part live on the original recording stage.

There are many excellent sound libraries out there. Some are hugely expensive. Some are relatively cheap and geared to the home studio musician. On the high side are libraries like the Vienna Symphonic Orchestra (VSO) and in the mid-to-high range are many libraries from Native Instruments and East West Quantum Leap. These are excellent packages indeed. For the most part, they are well worth the money, but you can spend many thousands of dollars.

For the home recordist, a library I really like and recommend is the Garritan Personal Orchestra (GPO). Now if you listen to most professional and semi-professional musicians, they have some very disparaging remarks to offer about GPO. I personally find some of the sound samples to be at least as good as the big libraries. Its main shortcoming, I will admit, is largely in the brass section. It is a little weak. However, when one uses the Native Instruments Symphonic Orchestra, the strings are recorded with heavy reverb and sound far too distant and Mantovani-ish [and yes, I'm dating myself :)]. GPO is recorded and distributed "dry"; that is, there is no signal processing added, no reverb. You can do that as it suits you. Thus GPO has the advantage of greater immediacy.

IF YOU ARE JUST SKIMMING THROUGH THIS ARTICLE, I want you to hear what can now be done on a home computer using Garritan Personal Orchestra (at a cost of $200 to $300 dollars)... 1/10th and less of what the other libraries cost...

Listen to this:

If you clicked play, what you just heard was an original composition titled "Knights and Magic" by Richard Birdsall. At the time, Richard was 18 years old. He composed and played this piece at home in the Czech Republic using Garritan Personal Orchestra and submitted it to the 2008 Garritan International Composers' Competition. He won first prize. Impressed? Inspired? I hope so. Whatever you think of the composition, you must admit that it sounds very good ... very convincing ...

So where would you like to go from here?

Think about that question and then write a comment on this post. I would welcome the opportunity to not only get your feedback, but to see how I can diversify this site to help you expand your musical horizons. After all, that's the whole point of this site: making music and furthering our knowledge.

As always, it is so very rewarding to have you here. I hope you are continuing to further your music and interests.

Regards to you all,


Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A measure of growth?

I find it interesting when I look at promotions of other sites like this one. Some have been around for quite some time and have lots of material... for purchase. Many have a few free scores online but mostly link to a major site to buy the score you are looking for. You know the ones I mean.

What really irks me is the ones that brag "We have 15,000 pages of free music online"; but when you look at their collection, it isn't very big or comprehensive. I guess they are counting each individual page in each score. lol Heck, if it comes to that, with roughly 5,300 individual files for download, we must have somewhere between 80,000 and 120,000 pages! ;) I really don't know because I've never had the time to go into it... nor do I want to.

My goal is now being realized: to bring you the best selection of freely downloadable classical scores available on a private site anywhere on the Internet.

It has been a lot of work though. If you can imagine uploading every file to the file host, getting the file ID code, plugging the data into HTML code and then posting it on the site... then checking and correcting errors that creep in here and there. Yes, everything here is hand coded, and we "own" the files ourselves. We don't just post links.

But that is all because I believe you deserve better access to free public domain scores than you have been given up 'til now. My hope is that you are enjoying this ability to have on hand the music you enjoy and want to play, and that you find this site enjoyable to use.

For those that are able, a small donation to help with a critical hardware need would be very much appreciated. The external DVD recorder that I use to make backups has failed. At the present time, all backups are on hard drive only and that is not a great way to fly. :( If you can help, please use the "Contact Me" button to get further contact information. It will cost about $100 Canadian, which isn't much, but is beyond my financial abilities at the moment. That translates into less than $1 per visitor in one day. Please help if you can....

Greetings to you all, and thank you for your support and good wishes. Happy music making!!


Thursday, September 3, 2009

New look for the Downloads Page

As you can see, the Downloads Page got a little facelift today. I'd be interested to hear your feedback. Please leave a comment to this post. Positive or negative, I'd still like to hear your reaction.



Saturday, August 22, 2009

Requests are now but a click away

The requests feature is a component of the Members' Fora, but it seems that few dare venture there. ;) I don't know why. The fora are your ultimate friend because you have the opportunity to express yourslf freely. Whatever you need, be it a score, an audio recording, help with software, something you'd like to share ... it can all be done through the fora.

Post your requests there. View the requests that others have made. Tells us all about your favourite new recording or old-time fave.

We don't bite !! ;)

You will have to fill out a registration for everybody's security sake. But that takes only seconds. After that you will have free rein...

So come and visit the fora. Let's get talking!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Tip: Midi files as a tool

You may have already seen the large increase in Midi files now online. What are they good for?

If you are looking for a score that is still under copyright, a Midi file can be a good alternative. There are several examples of notation software, Finale and Sibelius being the most popular, that allow you to import a Midi file. Once imported, the software treats the data as if you played it all in yourself. Hence you can edit the data or simply print out the score from the software itself. Voila! You have the score. Most of these Midi files are produced by professionals, so you really do get a credible score out of it.

The other great use for Midi files is if you are wanting to produce an arrangement of a piece of music. Rather than having to play each part before getting into the arrangment, Midi files have all that leg work done for you. Load the Midi file into any software sequencer and you can dive right in to the real creative part... not that playing isn't creative... ;) But if you have some ideas you want to try out, you can dive right into them while the iron is hot... before the creative spark dies.

So in some aspects Midi files can be better than scores. They will never replace them but Midi files definitely have their place in the Music Studio.

As always... Happy music making !


Sunday, August 9, 2009

Vocal scores are excellent resources

If you have checked into any vocal scores or read the 'terminology' pull-down, you know that vocal scores consist of three elements:
  • a staff of the notes sung by the soloist(s)/choir
  • the words or libretto sung
  • two-staves of piano accompanyment
This makes vocal scores great resources in several types of situations.

For instance, you can listen to your favourite opera or choral work and follow along in a much simpler environment. You really don't need a full score for this... unless you really want to. You can also sing along very easily. ;) [but please don't disturb the neighbours]

Also, and this is especially great for pianists, you have ready-made piano music to extract your favourite instrumental passages for playing. You can even re-score your favourite arias as piano solos.

For in-depth study of a piece, there's nothing like the full score. That's why, as much as possible, I like to give you the choice of both types of scores. And now you know why there are so many vocal scores online here.

I sincerely hope you are enjoying the library. Oh, and I just added another 160 major works, including all the Mozart symphonies listed individually on their own page. You can access it from the main Mozart page.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Welcome to all visitors and members

It's hard to imagine, but in less than 5 weeks we've grown to well over 4,000 premium classical scores online.

I'd like to draw your attention to a small feature on the downloads page. Just below the current file additions pull-down notice you will see "For information on dealing with problem PDF files...Click HERE". Please be sure to click on that prompt. If you ever run into problems with a PDF file you've downloaded from here or anywhere, that is a resource you are going to need. It's a great tip I ran into just yesterday.

Are you looking for something particular? If we don't have it yet, leave a request in the "members' forum".

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

New Additions in the Download Area

Another 100+ files have been posted in the download area. Many of these ones are major 19th century operas, but there is a good amount of other great music too. Check out the pull-down information post on the downloads page. Remember, you can also check new file posts from the 'Show New Posts by Date' menu item under the Music Library banner.

I am going through my list of essential music and posting these items first before going on to other music. I sincerely hope you find these additions useful.

Have you told your friends about Hemingway's Studio yet? Building a community here depends as much on you as it does me. But I am very happy that we are getting visitors like you to these pages. This all started just a few short weeks ago and already people are finding the library of good use. That makes me feel really good !!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

More scores and sheet music added

I have just added another 95 files to the download area. Check the pull-down listing there for details.

Friday, July 31, 2009

New Scores Added for Download

There have been 200 new scores added to the download area with 7 new composers represented. These are all pretty much regarded as definitive works by 20th century composers. The new composers are:

Adam, Adolphe
Alkan, Charles-Valentin
Busoni, Ferruccio
Janacek, Leos
Prokofiev, Sergei
Schmidt, Franz
Schoenberg, Arnold

Subscribe to the downloads area and get complete details of all new additions as they are posted. You don't need any special software to get the updates, just have it delivered to your email in-box. So simple. So secure. We NEVER share email addresses (see our Privacy Policy in the FAQ).

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Check Your Attic !

--Two unknown Mozart pieces discovered--
(The Telegraph, July 24, 2009)

The International Mozarteum Foundation in Salzburg has discovered two previously unknown compositions written by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

The Department of Research at the International Mozarteum Foundation Salzburg has identified two works, which have long been in the possession of the Foundation, as compositions of the young Wolfgang Amade Mozart," the foundation said in a statement, without giving any more details.

The two pieces for piano are to presented to the press on August 2. They will be performed by clavichordist Florian Birsak on Mozart's own fortepiano at the family's old Salzburg residence.

The Mozarteum foundation aims to preserve the heritage and works left by the prodigy, conducting research as well as organising concerts.

Mozart, born in Salzburg in 1756, began composing at the age of five and went on to produce some of the most famous concertos, symphonies and operas of his time, until his death in 1791.

This latest score is not the only one to have resurfaced in recent years however.

Last September, a library in Nantes, in western France, unveiled a hitherto unknown music score by Mozart that had lain in its archive undiscovered for over a century. It was authenticated by the Mozarteum.

In 2006, a year filled with celebrations for the 250th anniversary of Austria's favourite son, another piano score extremely likely to be the work of young Wolfgang Amadeus was discovered in Salzburg.

In May of last year, experts also identified three mystery musical scores discovered at Poland's historic Jasna Gora Roman Catholic monastery in southern Poland, as possible Mozart creations.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

New Sheet Music Scores Posted for Download -- July 22, 2009

Subscribers Please Note:
This is the last "New Files Update" that will be posted on the main site. PLEASE SUBSCRIBE to the "DOWNLOADS PAGE" if you wish to receive further updates ! Thanks.

Beethoven - Fidelio Act I [German-English](vocal score)
Beethoven - Fidelio Act II [German-English](vocal score)
Beethoven - Fidelio overture Op 72 (full score)
Chabrier - Espana (orchestral score)
Chabrier - Joyeuse Marche (orch. score)
Chabrier - Joyeuse Marche (piano)
Chabrier - Suite Pastorale (orch. score)
Couperin - l_Apotheose de Lully -Concert instrumental- original engraving
Couperin - l_Art de Toucher le Clavecin -Book with Exercises- [French](facsimile of original)
Couperin - Les Gouts-Reunis ou Nouveaux Concerts -1724 printing- (clavecin)
Couperin - Pieces d_Orgue (organ)
Couperin - Pieces de Clavecin -Complete Keyboard Works- Part 1
Couperin - Pieces de Clavecin -Complete Keyboard Works- Part 2
Dvorak - Carnival Overture (full score)
Dvorak - Cello Concerto No 2 Op 104 (solo cello part)
Dvorak - Cello Concerto No.2 Op.104 (full score)
Dvorak - Op.31 - Viscerni Pesne -Evening Songs- (voice and piano)
Dvorak - Op.35 - Dumka (piano)
Dvorak - Symphony No.8 op 88 (full score)
Dvorak - Symphony No.7 [old No 2] Mvt I (full score)
Dvorak - Symphony No.7 [old No 2] Mvt II (full score)
Dvorak - Symphony No.7 [old No 2] Mvt III (full score)
Dvorak - Symphony No.7 [old No 2] Mvt IV (full score)
Enesco - Concertstuck for Viola and piano
Enesco - Legende (trumpet and piano)
Enescu - op24- Piano Sonata No 1
Enescu - Romanian Rhapsody No.1 (orch. score)
Enescu - Romanian Rhapsody No.2 (orch. score)
Enescu - Silence [French](vocal score)
Handel - 12 Organ Concerti Op.4 and Op.7 (full score)
Handel - Acis and Galatea [German-English](full score)
Handel - Alcina [German-English](full score)
Handel - Belshazzar [German-English](full score)
Handel - Coronation Anthems [German-English unusual format](full score)
Handel - Imeneo [Italian](full score+solo parts)
Handel - Israel in Egypt [German-English](full score)
Handel - La Resurrezione oratorio [German-English](full score)
Handel - Solomon [German-English](full score) (78MB)
Handel - Suite in B-flat major HWV 434 (piano)
Handel - Suite No 1 in A (Piano)
Handel - Suite No 2 in F (Piano)
Handel - Suite No 3 in D-minor (Piano)
Handel - Suite No 4 in E-minor (Piano)
Handel - Suite No 5 in E (Piano)
Handel - Suite No 6 in F-minor (Piano)
Handel - Suite No 7 in G-minor (Piano)
Handel - Suite No 8 in F-minor (Piano)
Handel - Xerxes [Italian](full score)
Honegger - Pastorale d_Ete (orch. score)
Honegger - Pastorale d_Ete (piano 4 hands)
Kalinnikov - Symphony No 1 Mvt I (full score)
Kalinnikov - Symphony No 1 Mvt II (full score)
Kalinnikov - Symphony No 1 Mvt III (full score)
Kalinnikov - Symphony No 1 Mvt IV (full score)
Kalinnikov - Symphony No 1 -Basses part-
Kalinnikov - Symphony No 1 -Bassoon 1 part-
Kalinnikov - Symphony No 1 -Bassoon 2 part-
Kalinnikov - Symphony No 1 -Bb Clarinet 1 part-
Kalinnikov - Symphony No 1 -Bb Clarinet 2 part-
Kalinnikov - Symphony No 1 -Cellos part-
Kalinnikov - Symphony No 1 -English Horn part-
Kalinnikov - Symphony No 1 -Flute 1 part-
Kalinnikov - Symphony No 1 -Flute 2 part-
Kalinnikov - Symphony No 1 -Harp part-
Kalinnikov - Symphony No 1 -Horn 1 part-
Kalinnikov - Symphony No 1 -Horn 2 part-
Kalinnikov - Symphony No 1 -Oboe 1 part-
Kalinnikov - Symphony No 1 -Oboe 2 part-
Kalinnikov - Symphony No 1 -Piccolo part-
Kalinnikov - Symphony No 1 -Timpani part-
Kalinnikov - Symphony No 1 -Triangle part-
Kalinnikov - Symphony No 1 -Trombone 1 part-
Kalinnikov - Symphony No 1 -Trombone 2 part-
Kalinnikov - Symphony No 1 -Trombone 3 part-
Kalinnikov - Symphony No 1 -Trumpet 1 part-
Kalinnikov - Symphony No 1 -Trumpet 2 part-
Kalinnikov - Symphony No 1 -Tuba part-
Kalinnikov - Symphony No 1 -Violas part-
Kalinnikov - Symphony No 1 -Violins 1 part-
Kalinnikov - Symphony No 1 -Violins 2 part-
Saint-Saens - Samson et Dalila Act I (full score)
Saint-Saens - Samson et Dalila Act I (vocal score)
Saint-Saens - Samson et Dalila Act II (full score)
Saint-Saens - Samson et Dalila Act II (vocal score)
Saint-Saens - Samson et Dalila Act III (full score)
Saint-Saens - Samson et Dalila Act III (vocal score)
Saint-Saens - Symphony No 3 in c -Organ- Op 78 complete (pno 4 hands)
Saint-Saens - Symphony No 3 in c -Organ- Op 78 Mvt I (full score)
Saint-Saens - Symphony No 3 in c -Organ- Op 78 Mvt II (full score)
Tchaikovsky - Violin Concerto1 -New Typeset- (full score)
Verdi - Aida [Italian-English](vocal score)
Verdi - Alzira (vocal score)
Verdi - Attila (vocal score)
Verdi - Ballo in Maschera (vocal score)
Verdi - Don Carlos 1867 Ed -5 Acts- (vocal score)
Verdi - Don Carlos 1884 Ed -4 Acts- (vocal score)
Verdi - Falstaff [Italian-English](vocal score)
Verdi - Il Trovatore [Italian-English](vocal score)
Verdi - Jerusalem [French](vocal score)
Verdi - La Forza del Destino (vocal score)
Verdi - La Traviata (vocal score)
Verdi - Les Vepres Siciliennes [French](vocal score)
Verdi - Macbeth 1851 Ed (vocal score)
Verdi - Nabucco (vocal score)
Verdi - Nabucco -overture- (full score)
Verdi - Otello prima ed. (vocal score)
Verdi - Rigoletto Act II [Italian-Russian](vocal score)
Verdi - Rigoletto Act III [Italian-Russian](vocal score)
Verdi - Rigoletto Act I-Tableau I [Italian-Russian](vocal score)
Verdi - Rigoletto Act I-Tableau II [Italian-Russian](vocal score)
Verdi - Simon Boccanegra ed.1857 (vocal score)
Verdi - Songs for Voice and Piano - Part I
Verdi - Songs for Voice and Piano - Part II
Verdi - Songs for Voice and Piano - Part III
Verdi - Songs for Voice and Piano - Part IV
Verdi - Songs for Voice and Piano - Part V
Verdi - Songs for Voice and Piano - Part VI
Verdi - String Quartet (score)
Verdi - String Quartet Parts Complete (Vln 1-Vln2-Vla-Cello)
Verdi - Shelley - Aida -Triumphal March- (organ)
Wagner - Der Fliegende Hollander -Flying Dutchman- (vocal score)
Wagner - Die Meistersinger von Nurrnberg (vocal score)
Wagner - Lohengrin [German-English](vocal score)
Wagner - Lohengrin Act I (Full Score)
Wagner - Lohengrin Act II (Full Score)
Wagner - Lohengrin Act III (Full Score)
Wagner - Parsifal - cast contents and instrumentation
Wagner - Parsifal - Entrance into the Castle of the Holy Grail (piano)
Wagner - Parsifal - Good Friday Magic (piano)
Wagner - Parsifal - Paraphrase for violin and piano
Wagner - Parsifal - Prelude (Full Score)
Wagner - Parsifal - Prelude to Act II (Full Score)
Wagner - Parsifal - Prelude to Act III (Full Score)
Wagner - Parsifal Act I (Full Score)
Wagner - Parsifal Act I (Vocal Score)
Wagner - Parsifal Act I [German-English](Vocal Score)
Wagner - Parsifal Act II (Full Score)
Wagner - Parsifal Act II (Vocal Score)
Wagner - Parsifal Act III (Full Score)
Wagner - Parsifal Act III (Vocal Score)
Wagner - Parsifal -The Redemption (piano)
Wagner - Tannhauser - Entrance to the Hall of Song (piano)
Wagner - Tannhauser - Hunters Chorus (horn quartet)
Wagner - Tannhauser - Song to the Evening Star for Cello and piano
Wagner - Tannhauser -Paris Version- [German-English](vocal score)
Wagner-Bulow - Eine_Faust-Ouverture (piano)
Wagner-Maylath - Arrangement of Winterstorms from Die Walkure (piano)
Wagner-Tausig - Kaiser Marsch (piano)

Sunday, July 19, 2009

FAQ now completed

Wondering what this site is really all about? Want to get more information?

Click on the "FAQ" menu button for a more-or-less definitive picture.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

New Sheet Music Scores for Download -- July 18, 2009.

Albeniz - Champagne Valse (piano)
Albeniz - Concierto Fantastico op.78 (2 pianos)
Albeniz - Leyenda in G minor - Roepper Ed (piano)
Albeniz - Piano Sonata No3 op 68
Albeniz - Serenata_Arabe (piano)
Albeniz - Suite Ancienne No.1 - Gavotte (piano)
Albeniz - Suite Espana No.1 - Capricho Catalan (piano)
Albeniz - Suite Espana No.1 - Malaguena (piano)
Albeniz - Suite Espana No.1 - Preludio (piano)
Albeniz - Suite Espana No.1 - Serenata (piano)
Albeniz - Suite Espana No.1 - Tango in D (piano)
Albeniz - Suite Espana No.1 - Zortzico (piano)
Albeniz - Suite Espanola (piano)
Albeniz - Suite Iberia (piano)
Albinoni - 6 Sinfonie Op2
Albinoni - Sinfonia G-dur
Albinoni - Sonate da Chiesa
Albinoni - Trattenimenti Armonici Sonatas Op.6
Arensky - 6 Pieces for Children Op.34 (piano duet)
Arensky - Dream on the Volga Op.16- Act I (Russian vocal score)
Arensky - Dream on the Volga Op.16- Act II (Russian vocal score)
Arensky - Dream on the Volga Op.16- Act III (Russian vocal score)
Arensky - Dream on the Volga Op.16- Act IV (Russian vocal score)
Arensky - Dream on the Volga Op.16- Overture (Russian vocal score)
Arensky - Dream on the Volga Op.16- Preface (Russian vocal score)
Arensky - Fantaisie on a Russian Folk Song Op48 (2 pianos)
Arensky - Pres de la Mer op52 (piano)
Arensky - Scherzo op.8 (piano)
Arensky - Violin Concerto op.54 (full score)
Berlioz - Beatrice et Benedict (full score)
Berlioz - Grande Messe des Morts (Requiem) -1- Requiem et Kyrie (full score)
Berlioz - Grande Messe des Morts (Requiem) -10- Agnus Dei (full score)
Berlioz - Grande Messe des Morts (Requiem) -2- Dies Irae (full score)
Berlioz - Grande Messe des Morts (Requiem) -3- Quid Sum Miser (full score)
Berlioz - Grande Messe des Morts (Requiem) -5- Quaerens Me (full score)
Berlioz - Grande Messe des Morts (Requiem) -6- Lacrymosa -Bars 1-54 (full score)
Berlioz - Grande Messe des Morts (Requiem) -8- Hostias (full score)
Berlioz - Harold in Italy (full score)
Berlioz - Le Corsaire Overture (Full Score)
Berlioz - L'Enfance Du Christ (vocal score)
Berlioz - Les Nuits d'Ete (vocal score)
Berlioz - Roman Carnival Overture (full score)
Berlioz - Romeo et Juliette (Symphonie Dramatique) Op.17 - Part I (orch. score)
Berlioz - Romeo et Juliette (Symphonie Dramatique) Op.17 - Part II (orch. score)
Berlioz - Romeo et Juliette (Symphonie Dramatique) Op.17 - Part III (orch. score)
Berlioz - Te Deum (full score)
Berlioz - Les Troyens a Carthage - Overture (full score)
Berlioz - Damnation of Faust - Part I (full score)
Berlioz - Damnation of Faust - Part II (full score)
Berlioz - Damnation of Faust - Part III (full score)
Berlioz - Damnation of Faust - Part IV (full score)
Berlioz - Les Troyens - Acts 1-2 (vocal score)
Berloiz - Les Troyens - Acts 3-4-5 (vocal score)

Monday, July 13, 2009

A tip for all subscribers

Each time the music library is updated, a posting will be made detailing the new additions. This will only be done on the 'Downloads' page.

If you would like to be notified of all new additions, please go to the 'Downloads' page and subscribe separately from there.

The reason for the dual subscription setup is to give subscribers the flexibility to opt in/out of file addition notifications.

There are now 3,000+ files online representing 152 composers.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

All done !!

All done! Phew!!! That was a load of work. ;) Now I will start filling in gaps.

I hope you will enjoy using this basic library. As it is now very late, I'm going to get some well deserved sleep . . .

Friday, July 10, 2009

Almost there !

I'm entering the final phase of the posting of the basic sheet music/score library. All the files have been uploaded to our file server and I am now in the midst of coding the files so they can be posted for download. In all we now have 2,458 files now online with probably another 800 - 900 to go.

This isn't the end of the library, though. I still have another 2 or 3 thousand scores that have never been cataloged and those will be added in the next stage. However, this second stage will take a wee bit longer. So every time you log in there should be new scores and sheet music to look through.

If there is a particular score you are looking for, please leave a request in the 'Requests' Forum and I will do my best to accomodate you. You can also review that forum to see if there is anything you can contribute.

On a personal note, I've been trying to take time out to practice my new MIDI wind controller, the Akai EWI USB. It's a lot of fun to play, but I have to get used to new fingering techniques. I'll be elaborating more on this aspect of my music making in the near future. But suffice it to say that this instrument will 'knock the socks off' any wind instrument player. Stay tuned!!

That's it for now. Keep on enjoying your music in whichever way your heart desires! ;)

Sunday, July 5, 2009

New Additions in the Download Area

Stage 2 of the score library has been completed, comprising of composer names from 'A' to 'H'. In all there are 1,572 files of sheet music and scores representing 72 composers' works. Not bad for a start! ;)

I will now be moving on and adding new composers in smaller batches so that the library will be expanded on a more regular basis.

Do you have friends who are interested in Classical Music too? Please tell them about this site so we can get the word out. The more we are able to build a community here, the more rewarding it will be for all. Remember, Hemingway's Studio isn't just about downloading... it's more about sharing... uploading files as attachments in the online forum or even just sharing a URL to some files you found helpful.

So, don't be shy. Join in !

I'm very happy that you came to my site. Keep well...

'Till next time,


Tuesday, June 30, 2009



Saturday, June 27, 2009

Content Now Online

I have been able to work up the design and html & java code to handle the sheet music library. In the downloads area you will see that I have so far posted 300 downloads. It is a very time-consuming process, fraught with all sorts of pitfalls; so please bear with me as I work through the catalog. In all there are some 2,500 scores and MIDI files so I'm about 15% the way through.

Since I am working through the library alphabetically, it might take a while to get to your favourite composer. If you are looking for a specific score, please request it in the forums. If I have it or can get it, it will most definitely be posted for you.

I am always open to new scores and sheet music to share. If you have something please let me know. In particular, one score that I know many will like to have is RESPIGHI: PINI DI ROMA (Pines of Rome). I will be posting the Fountains of Rome, and Pines is supposed to be Public Domain now (here in Canada). But a PDF copy has not been forthcoming. Please upload it if you can, or contact me.

Many thanks, friends, for your ongoing support.

Happy Music Making !!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Blog Created

I'm just starting to construct this blog, so there's nothing to see right now. I will be working on it over the next while, so feel free to check back over the next weeks.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

                Frequently Asked Questions

What can I find on this site?
There are presently two main areas in this site: the Score Library and the Members' Forum. The Score Library is a listing of SHEET MUSIC scores in the Public Domain. All downloads are FREE! The Members' Forum is an area where you can participate by discussion or by uploading your own material.At present we do not have any audio files online. This is due to copyright concerns and may change at some point in the future.

What does it mean to subscribe and why should I?
As a subscriber to the site, you have permission to post comments where appropriate. Also, if you want, subscribers get emails every time the site is updated. These emails will detail for you every new file added to the library. However, to get the file updates, you should subscribe to both the main site and the downloads page.

What does PDF mean?
A PDF file is a text-type file in the proprietary Adobe Reader format. It is usually a multipage document.

How do I view a score or book?
You need the free Adobe Reader or similar software. If you do not have the Adobe Reader software, you can download it by clicking on the Adobe Reader icon towards the bottom of the downloads area.

What does MIDI mean?
This is a generic file type that contains MIDI data that can be played and edited using MIDI-capable software. MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) is used to control hardware and software synthesizers.

How can I use a MIDI file?
MIDI files can be played with some audio software. WinAMP handles them well. Note that they don't sound all that great because in playback they use MIDI General Instrument sounds which are very old and dated. However, you can also load this type of file into a MIDI sequencer and assign your own instrument sounds to the tracks for a much improved sound.

MIDI files can also be loaded into scoring software like Makemusic's Finale or Sibelius. Once loaded, a score can be viewed, edited and/or printed.

What does ARC, ZIP or RAR mean?
This is a file that has been compressed with archiving software. To uncompress the file for use, you must have the appropriate archiving software. I use a free archiver called IZ_Arc. It is free and very good. For more information go to

Why can't I open the ZIP or RAR file I downloaded?
Compressed files are almost always part of a multi-volume set. You must have all parts of the set in order to extract any part of it. Component parts of a set are always grouped together, so download all of them. Then click on the file that has the lowest numbered extension, usually .Z00 or .R00 , and the whole set will be able to be uncompressed together.If the extraction fails on a particular file, you should try re-downloading it.

What is a Public Domain score?
The score is no longer subject to copyright and may be freely distributed and performed without royalty. Copyright expires 50 years after the composer's death in most countries. (Check your local laws which supercede laws in the country of origin. The later copyright expiration always applies.)

If all files are public domain, why are there scores here for living composers?
Some musicians release independent typesets, released under Creative Commons License. You may use the score for your personal use only. No public performance is permitted.

Why is the same piece listed more than once?
They are not just duplicate entries. These are usually different editions. Occasionally they are the same edition but different scans from different sources. (Lesser quality pages of one scan are usually better quality in the other scan. aka:mix-and-match)

How do I find a score I want?
Either by browsing the composer's own page (accessed from the INDEX) or by using the SEARCH feature located right above the index. The search feature will list results grouped by composer's page. You will see which composer is referenced within the results text. (eg. DOWNLOADPDF Bach Prelude and Fugue BWV565)

The score I want isn't here. Can you get it for me?
I will always try to fill requests as best I can. To request a score, please do so using the Members' Forum Request area. That way, all members of the site will be able to try to track it down for you. Requests posted through the 'Contact Me' feature will be ignored.

Why does the index appear on every page?
So that it is always easily accessible. However, if you are browsingseveral composers, it may be faster to use the BACK button in your browser which will take you to the Index you originally launched from.

How are the score listings organized?
This was quite a quandry when designing the site. An alphbetical listing would be nice, but difficult to maintain and you would never know whether it is a new or old listing. In the end I opted to place all entries in the order in which they were posted, newest first. Thus the new listings always appear at the top of the composer's score listing.

How do I know what files have been added since I visited last?
As noted in the last answer, the new listings appear first on the composer's page. Additionally, there is a prompt on the main download page to 'Show New Postings'. This will take you to a page where all newer posts are listed by posting date.

Is there any purpose to the composer's portait on his page?
Yes. It looks nice ;) But seriously, if you want to know more about a particular composer you can click on his portrait and a page will open up displaying his biographic information as posted on Wikipedia.

Can I share a score that I already have?
By all means, please do! Just log in to the Members' Forum area and upload it in the approprate sub-forum of the MUSIC section. To upload, just write a description in the text area and then attach the file to your NEW POST. Please be sure to create a new post for each new upload, and PLEASE only post classical music or music that is classical in nature (eg. Broadway scores). DO NOT post 'classic rock' and the like.

I don't know if the score I have is public domain or not. Can I still upload it?
Yes. You will never be penalized for uploading a file that turns out to be copyrighted. The forum Moderator will check your uploaded file. If it turns out to be copyrighted, he will place a block against downloading the file. If copyright is seriously suspected, a temporary block may be placed on the file until the copyright issue is resolved.

Why do I have to register for the members' forum?
In short, for security reasons. It also reduces SPAM and we need your identity to credit your uploads and message posts.

What happens to my registration information?
Nothing. It is solely used by the forum management software for tracking posts and uploads.

Do you have a privacy policy?
Yes, and it is very simple. Your private information (including email address) will never be used for any other purpose than site identification. It will NEVER be disclosed to any third party. The ONLY exception to this is if you are involved in illegal activity or activity detrimental to this site or its members.

I have a piece of music that I composed, arranged or performed myself. Can I upload it?
Absolutely YES!! It can be in any format you choose: score, MIDI sequence, audio file, MIDI project file, link to YouTube (or other site, even one you own), video file... well you get the picture. Just be sure to place a copyright notice with the file or in your comments. Also include a brief description. NOTE: music should be in the classical style ONLY. Classic Rock or other similar genres will be removed. (This includes Jazz [sorry, no jazz])

I have a question not covered here. How do I find the answer?
If it is a question regarding how to use the site, please post your question in the appropriate sub-forum in the MUSIC Members' Forum area. That way, other members can help you out.
If it is a question related to site administration, use the 'Contact Me' form available from the main site menu.