Monday, August 17, 2009

Tip: Midi files as a tool

You may have already seen the large increase in Midi files now online. What are they good for?

If you are looking for a score that is still under copyright, a Midi file can be a good alternative. There are several examples of notation software, Finale and Sibelius being the most popular, that allow you to import a Midi file. Once imported, the software treats the data as if you played it all in yourself. Hence you can edit the data or simply print out the score from the software itself. Voila! You have the score. Most of these Midi files are produced by professionals, so you really do get a credible score out of it.

The other great use for Midi files is if you are wanting to produce an arrangement of a piece of music. Rather than having to play each part before getting into the arrangment, Midi files have all that leg work done for you. Load the Midi file into any software sequencer and you can dive right in to the real creative part... not that playing isn't creative... ;) But if you have some ideas you want to try out, you can dive right into them while the iron is hot... before the creative spark dies.

So in some aspects Midi files can be better than scores. They will never replace them but Midi files definitely have their place in the Music Studio.

As always... Happy music making !


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