Wednesday, August 5, 2009

New Additions in the Download Area

Another 100+ files have been posted in the download area. Many of these ones are major 19th century operas, but there is a good amount of other great music too. Check out the pull-down information post on the downloads page. Remember, you can also check new file posts from the 'Show New Posts by Date' menu item under the Music Library banner.

I am going through my list of essential music and posting these items first before going on to other music. I sincerely hope you find these additions useful.

Have you told your friends about Hemingway's Studio yet? Building a community here depends as much on you as it does me. But I am very happy that we are getting visitors like you to these pages. This all started just a few short weeks ago and already people are finding the library of good use. That makes me feel really good !!

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