Monday, October 5, 2009

Mercedes Sosa (1935 - 2009)

The death of legendary Argentine singer and activist Mercedes Sosa has created a void that will be hard if not impossible to fill.

Long appreciated for her interpretation of Argentine and Cuban folk music, I first was introduced to her through her 1999 CD "Missa Criolla" with an astounding performance of Ariele Ramirez' timeless music. Her 'alto' voice was especially haunting and evoked the essence of the Argentine soul. Her body of music, which spans 50 years, will always be a cornerstone in 20th Century music.

She will be sadly missed and fondly remembered.

For more information about Mercedes Sosa, there is a hastily prepared article at Wikipedia. Here is a sample of her music for those who have not yet had the pleasure . . .

Ariele Ramirez: Missa Criolla (Creole Mass) - Agnus Dei
Performed by: Mercedes Sosa (1999)


  1. Just wanted to say thanks for a great site!! We have done the search thing for free sheet music, and was I ever glad to find this place. It has saved us tons of money on sheet music for my kids' lessons. I'm going to link to you at my little blog.

  2. Thank you Sally for those kind words and especially for the link.

    Sheet music can become costly if you have to special-order it; Another reason for starting this site. But finding sheet music appropriate for some ages is not easy. If you have anything you can share, I would be pleased to add it to the Library for the benefit of others.

  3. Heyyy Wowww I dont like M.Sosa but your post is "Cool" Kisses from Argentina :)

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