Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A measure of growth?

I find it interesting when I look at promotions of other sites like this one. Some have been around for quite some time and have lots of material... for purchase. Many have a few free scores online but mostly link to a major site to buy the score you are looking for. You know the ones I mean.

What really irks me is the ones that brag "We have 15,000 pages of free music online"; but when you look at their collection, it isn't very big or comprehensive. I guess they are counting each individual page in each score. lol Heck, if it comes to that, with roughly 5,300 individual files for download, we must have somewhere between 80,000 and 120,000 pages! ;) I really don't know because I've never had the time to go into it... nor do I want to.

My goal is now being realized: to bring you the best selection of freely downloadable classical scores available on a private site anywhere on the Internet.

It has been a lot of work though. If you can imagine uploading every file to the file host, getting the file ID code, plugging the data into HTML code and then posting it on the site... then checking and correcting errors that creep in here and there. Yes, everything here is hand coded, and we "own" the files ourselves. We don't just post links.

But that is all because I believe you deserve better access to free public domain scores than you have been given up 'til now. My hope is that you are enjoying this ability to have on hand the music you enjoy and want to play, and that you find this site enjoyable to use.

For those that are able, a small donation to help with a critical hardware need would be very much appreciated. The external DVD recorder that I use to make backups has failed. At the present time, all backups are on hard drive only and that is not a great way to fly. :( If you can help, please use the "Contact Me" button to get further contact information. It will cost about $100 Canadian, which isn't much, but is beyond my financial abilities at the moment. That translates into less than $1 per visitor in one day. Please help if you can....

Greetings to you all, and thank you for your support and good wishes. Happy music making!!


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