Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Still alive ....

As you will see from the following posts, a long time has elapsed since I was able to contribute to the site. In the meantime, I moved things over to our own domain under a paid server. It isn't that this did not work out, rather that there were several severe personal circumstances that precluded me from be a good web host. :(

Many things have now been resolved and I am hoping to start reviewing the site material for broken links etc., hopefully over the next month. However, my energy is tenuous at best, so please be patient.

Now, as never before, your personal contribution of material for the library is critical. I think you will be able to use features in the site to do this. I say "think" because so many things have changed in the interim. I have gone from a normal active life to one being led in a nursing home. :( My overall priority is still, of course, my music. Beyond that I want to make this site as active and useful as it ever has been.

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