Monday, March 15, 2010

New Site -- Please Upgrade

If you have been following the site metamorphosis, we are now located in our new home with our own domain and own server. For all the wonderful benefits that Blogger has to offer (I would recommend it to any first-time webmaster), we have outgrown it. We needed more services than Blogger can offer in order to grow to the next level. Yes, I am ambitious. ;)

The new site is available at

This particular blog will remain online until we make a decision as to whether we need a "blog" or can just maintain our online presence effectively through just the one site. In any case, you will not be left uninformed.

Please subscribe to this particular site so that you know what is happening in this transition. Subscribing does not mean that I have any access to your personal contact information. You will simply be advised of any important changes before they happen, and it all happens seamlessly.

Please standby,


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